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About Economics Tutor, ANTHONY FOK



  • Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours) from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
  • Bachelor of Economics from Murdoch University, Australia.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) from National Institute of Education, Singapore.Master of Education from Monash University, Australia.
  • Pursuing PhD in Education at National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore.
  • Former Ministry of Education (MOE) school teacher.
  • Featured on ‘The Sunday Times’ newspapers as one of the five “most sought-after super tutors” in Singapore.
  • Featured on ‘zbCOMMA’ Chinese language newspapers as an inspirational and dedicated teacher.
  • Featured on ‘The Sunday Times’ newspapers as an “Economics tutor who puts theory into practice”.
  • Featured on ‘TODAY’ newspapers for views on “staying ahead of the academic race”.
  • Featured on ‘MyPaper‘ and ‘The Straits Times‘ newspapers for his views on the GCE ‘A’ level Economics ten-year-series.
  • Featured on ‘The New Paper’ newspapers as a “tutor with a passion for Economics”.
  • Featured on ‘The New Paper’ newspapers as a “super tutor with a long waiting list of students”.
  • Featured on Singaporean digital news agency ‘mothership.sg’ as the “most amazeballs tuition teacher in Singapore”.
  • Featured on ‘U-Weekly Magazine’ on his views about the tuition industry in Singapore.
  • Featured on ‘8-Days’ and ‘I-Weekly Magazine’ as a tutor who “motivates students to become investors and thinkers”.
  • Featured on ‘Scholarship Guide Magazine’ as a “renowned economics tutor sharing tips on how to clinch the scholarship”.
  • Featured on MediaCorp Channel 5 TV programme as “an educator with extraordinary qualities”.
  • Featured on ‘Singapore Business Review’ magazine as a “top tutor who brings economics theories to life”.
  • Featured on ‘Lianhe Wanbao’ newspapers as a ‘one-man show’ Economics tutor who “wins students by word-of-mouth recommendation”.
  • Featured on ‘Today’s Parents’ magazine for “educating the new generation using unique teaching methodology”.
  • Featured on ‘The Straits Times’ newspapers as a “super tutor who earn at least $1m a year”.
  • Guest speaker on ‘MediaCorp Channel 5′  TV Programme “The 5 Show” about tuition and enrichment classes in Singapore.
  • Guest speaker on “Official 938LIVE” radio segment ‘On the Job’ – “Super tutor Anthony Fok sharing his experience as a full-time Economics tutor”.
  • Guest speaker on “Official 938LIVE” radio segment ‘Dollars and Sense’ – “Star Economics tutor Anthony Fok helping students make sense of dollars!”

Panel speaker at National Library Board’s 20th Anniversary Celebrations Discussion Forum “Out With Tuition and In With Reading” – moderated by Professor Tommy Koh, Ambassador-At-Large, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Fellow of The College of Teachers, Institute of Education, London, for individuals who have made a significant contribution to educational literature or to educational management at a senior level.

  • Author of the GCE ‘A’ Level Economics H1 and H2 Ten-Year-Series
  • Author of several GCE ‘A’ Level Economics Guidebooks sold in Singapore and Malaysia.
  • Member of the Economic Society of Singapore.
  • Member of the American Economic Association.
  • Member of the Economic Society of Australia.
  • Member of Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (Singapore).
  • Member of Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE).
  • Member of Educational Research Association of Singapore (ERAS).

Registered with the Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore.

1 9789810912109 A-Level Econs: Learning via Diagrams
2 9789810914707 A-Level Econs: Evaluation Points
3 9789810918934 A-Level Econs: Examination Summaries & Notes
4 9789810918941 A-Level Econs: Understanding the Singapore Economy
5 9789810936105 A-Level Econs: Mastering Data Response Questions to Case Studies
6 9789810936112 A-Level Econs: Mind Maps Integrating Key Concepts
7 9789810944940 A-Level Econs: Tutorial Workbook
8 9789810961466 A-Level Econs: Model Essays in Macroeconomics
9 9789810961473 A-Level Econs: Model Essays in Microeconomics
10 9789810961480 A-Level Econs: Mastering Structured Questions to Case Studies
11 9789810990084 A-Level Econs: Understanding Global, Regional and
Local Issues & Policies
12 9789810990091 A-Level Econs: The Examples Book
13 9789811133978 A-Level Econs: Complete Guide to GCE A-Level Economics Case Studies
14 9789811130830 A-Level Econs: Complete Guide to GCE A-Level Economics Essays
15 9789811116889 A-Level Econs: Evaluation Points Volume 2


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